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donderdag 15 juni 2017

-As MyParcel has migrated to their new V2 API, we are currently in the process of making our nopCommerce MyParcel plugins compatible with the new API. A few new features were implemented

-NopFinance faced a complete redesign of the database as our first tests proved to be too slow and the database was unable to handle the large amount of functionalities we designed. The new datamodel comprises another accounting principle as described by  A. Schweere in her paper of 1999.  

NopFinance is 20% core coding and 80% based on plugins which allows every developer to overrule almost every aspect of the application. Besides that, all the core services are implemented using the Autofac IoC container which effectively gives the developer control over 50% of the service core as well. Finally the core domain classes can easily extended by subclassing them, giving you control over the final 50% as well.

NopFinance uses the Microsoft SQL Server and can run either stand alone or with SQL Server in the Microsoft Azure cloud. NopFinance integrates with NopCommerce 3.5 and up and version 1.0.0 will have a NopCommerce plugin that comprises order management, stock management, productattributecombinations (=product options) and many other must-have features. 

But most of all: NopFinance is extremely fast. It currently loads 50.000 sales orders in less than a second. Sorry, no reason to get another cup of coffee.




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