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Bol.Com plugin for nopCommerce 3.7+

Automatically publish your products to Bol.Com and read Bol.Com orders, shippings as well as payments into your webshop. Spoof emailadresses from Bol.Com to prevent nopCommerce mail to be sent to Bol.Com customers.
€363,00 excl. BTW

Mollie All Payment Methods plug-in for nopCommerce

Process secure payments using all of the payment methods provided via the Mollie payment provider.

This plugin will direct the customer to the Mollie service where he can choose any of the active payment methods.

You should buy this plugin only when all of the following conditions apply:
-You only support Mollie payments
-Your payment fee applies to all payment methods. Using per-method fees is not possible.
-It is no problem that the customer selects a payment method outside your webshop.

Please note that Mollie does not allow your customer changing the payment method after initial selection. So customers can not switch from BitCoin to Paypal after they have selected BitCoin and have entered into the payment process.

Supports the CustomOrderNumber on nopCommerce 3.90

Plugin developed by actOpus
Versions for nopCommerce 3.5/3.6 upon request.
€89,99 excl. BTW

MyParcel to BPost plugin for nopCommerce 3.70+

MyParcel offers bPost shipping services against competitive prices.
€49,95 excl. BTW

MyParcel to PostNL plugin for nopCommerce

MyParcel offers PostNL shipping services against competitive prices. Brievenbuspakjes and Packages.
€49,95 excl. BTW

PostCode iDeal for nopCommerce 3.50+

PostCode iDeal is the cheapest iDeal provider in the Netherlands. No monthly costs, just 29cts per transaction.
€29,95 excl. BTW

Bol.Com.Plaza API library for .Net

Connects to the Bol.Com Plaza API . Supports all Plaza API services. Available for .Net 4, 4.5.x, 4.6framework.
Bel voor prijsopgave

Customers on Map for nopCommerce 3.50/3.40

Shows a heatmap or pinpoint view of all you customers on a map. This plugin gives you information on where your customers are located.
€5,95 excl. BTW

Zip Code Lookup plugin for nopCommerce

For use only with the paid online address service from www.InsiderTrader.biz

Performs a street and city lookup as well as validation of a zipcode and house number.

You must purchase a seperate subscription bundle on lookup actions! To purchase the bundle click here:


€5,00 excl. BTW