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Mollie All Payment Methods plug-in for nopCommerce

Process secure payments using all of the payment methods provided via the Mollie payment provider.

This plugin will direct the customer to the Mollie service where he can choose any of the active payment methods.

You should buy this plugin only when all of the following conditions apply:
-You only support Mollie payments
-Your payment fee applies to all payment methods. Using per-method fees is not possible.
-It is no problem that the customer selects a payment method outside your webshop.

Please note that Mollie does not allow your customer changing the payment method after initial selection. So customers can not switch from BitCoin to Paypal after they have selected BitCoin and have entered into the payment process.

Supports the CustomOrderNumber on nopCommerce 3.90

Plugin developed by actOpus
Versions for nopCommerce 3.5/3.6 upon request.
€89,99 excl. BTW

Mollie and Qantani-compatible Bank Transfer payment plug-in for nopCommerce

Process secure payments using Bank transfer via the Mollie or Qantani payment provider. Plugin developed by actOpus
€14,95 excl. BTW