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MyParcel to BPost plugin now for Sale

woensdag 18 mei 2016

MyParcel offers bPost shipping services against competitive prices.
Use our plugin to create your consigments at MyParcel and download the labels.



Allow customer to select the option 'Saturday only delivery' against a surcharge.

Admin config:

Enable the option 'saturday delivery'

Set a surcharge for 'saturday delivery' (In euro's)

Configure global MyParcel.be webservice settings and create individual api settings for your warehouses.

Set a default package weight in kg.

Enable the option 'Mark as 'sent' after succesfull post by default. This will move the shipment into the 'Shipped' state after receiving a tracking code.

Shipment handling

Select the shipment that will receive the tracking code. Also select the warehouse, if necessary.

Post a Pakket

Optionally select an insurance level

Select a different weight.

'Saturday delivery only' is shown if necessary.

Select 'Request signature on delivery'

Create a definitive or concept consignment. (Concepts are not charged until you generate a label)

You have the option to manually check and override the address. (Street name, house number, extension and zip code)

Post the consignment to SendMyParcel and download the label.

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